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A programmer named Ali Aliev recently developed a method for creating Deepfakes
Elon Musk Zoom meeting using realtime Deepfake AI
With just a photo and an app, I can create a video of any face saying whatever I want
Anyone with an iPhone can now make deepfakes
Making deepfake videos used to be hard. Now all you need is a smartphone
Deepfake video app Avatarify, which processes on-phone
Avatarify runs on Skype and Zoom, and face-swaps your own face with a celebrity
This Open-Source Program Deepfakes
Zoom calls have exploded during the current coronavirus lockdown
Gatecrash your next Zoom call as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk
Real-time animated deepfakes that transform your face into that of a celebrity
AI lets you be Albert Einstein or the Mona Lisa
Best app ever
I love this app because i can do whatever i want and any picture i want
Little little chicken dinner
Thanks to the developers of this app. They made my day. Very intertaining.
It's amazing to use. Got my grandpa to sing with this thing.
Love this app!! So amazing to bring to life photos, especially of loved ones passed away
Brilliant app
I've had so much fun with this app everyone loves it when they see the videos
Read this
This is a very creative app i love it so much i can't stop using it!
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